This is the average number of sexual partners people have – it will shock you


WHAT’S YOUR NUMBER?: The average number of sexual partners for Brits will surprise you

Everyone has a little black book.

Even if the “black book” in question is just a locked up cupboard in your mind, this is where you keep the detail of .

Yet, society tends to have an innate curiosity about how many people others have slept with and feel there is a certain number that is “too high” or even “too low”.

In the 2011 movie, What’s Your Number starring Anna Faris and Chris Evans, Anna’s character realises she’s slept with 19 people – and according to her men are less likely to want to marry her if she’s slept with over 20.

This is enforcing the stereotype, particularly for women, that women are “sluts” if they sleep with a large number of people. Men often don’t receive the same treatment.

In a 2015 Refinery29 article titled “Why I shouldn’t be slut-shamed for sleeping with 99 people” one woman detailed how her “number” doesn’t define her.

The top Facebook comment for that article? “I don’t even know 99 people I’d let in my house, let alone my vagina.”

However, while the number of sexual partners will no doubt vary from person to person, a new survey has been released which reveals .

The survey by online sex retailer Lovehoney, asked 3,751 UK residents about their sexual preferences found the majority of men (14%) have slept with just one other person.

The majority of women surveyed (13.31%), also listed one person as their favoured number.

For the men, 11-15 partners was the second most common response and two partners was the third.

For the women, 11-15 people was also the second most common and three people was the third.

The survey also revealed that the majority of both men and women, 81% and 73% respectively, said they experienced their best ever sex while in a relationship.

While the survey shows the average UK person sleeps with considerably less than mentioned above, whether you’ve slept with one or thousands of other people, a number is just a number.

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