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“Women want to feel pampered, beautiful again,” says one of the models in “The Collection,” a frothy drama set in the post World War II Paris world when the City of Light was trying to reclaim its role as the haute couture capital of the world.

The 8-part series has been available on Amazon since February, but now PBS is rolling it out in weekly doses.

“The Collection” centers on a fashion house headed Paul Sabine (Richard Coyle), who must rely on his brother Claude (Tom Riley of “Da Vinci’s Demons”). They are under pressure to come up with the next big thing, and often times the series is like paging through a fashion magazine, with models in gorgeous dresses or, nearly as often, parading around in their underwear.

But to avoid being quickly discarded too quickly, the series also throws in a mystery and some social commentary since it is set against a city trying to recover from a war. There are still suspicions about collaborators as well as questions about who exactly needs high fashion when most people need more basic staples.

“The Collection” even opens with an unidentified figure digging a grave for a body beneath a blood-soaked sheet as a mystery to be solved later. Covering this new world of glitz are a cynical American journalist (Stanley Townsend) and an idealistic, young photographer (Max Deacon) from Life magazine.

How far will Paul go to get to the top? “The Collection” doesn’t shy away from violence and conspiracy. While often a sumptuous watch, it too often strays into the gaudy.

The Collection

What: An eight-part drama set in the fashion world of 1947 Paris.

When: Begins 10 p.m. Sunday.

Where: PBS SoCal.


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