Silver Tree on season 1, episode 15


Every week, the cast and crew of Fox’s The Mick — the new comedy series that follows Kaitlin Olson‘s reckless Mackenzie, a.k.a. “Mickey,” who’s tasked with caring for her on-the-lam sister’s three children — is taking EW behind the scenes of the latest episode. This week, director Silver Tree takes us inside the 15th episode, “The Sleepover,” where Jimmy gets in trouble with the father of Olivia, a girl from Chip’s class.

The most challenging scene was probably the stunt at the end of the episode: We have Jimmy in the bathroom with Olivia’s dad, and Olivia’s dad basically chased him down because Jimmy has a cell phone that belonged to his daughter that has a tracking device on it, so the dad’s been tracking his daughter and they end up in this bar and Jimmy makes a break for it running from this dad and finds himself in this really small bathroom and he’s trapped. So the dad takes out his frustrations from the whole episode and beats the hell out of Jimmy.

Traditionally, you have three cameras when you’re shooting a stunt, or at least two, and we only had one because principal photography had ended and we were picking this day up, so poor Scott MacArthur, who plays Jimmy, every angle you see, we had to re-do it again and again and again. It was much more of a throwback to when we only used one camera. He took a big beating that he normally wouldn’t have taken.

At one point, Olivia’s dad dunks Jimmy’s head into the toilet.

Scott had to do that six times. And he was such a trooper, and we started with that. So by the time we got into the meat of the scene, he had already been dunked. He’s a really amazing actor and wanted it to be perfect, so we did it once, and then he wanted to see if it looked real enough and then we did it again and again and again. He was part of the driving force in making that work. I was very grateful to have him during all of that.

What you normally do is, you would use a stand-in tank and you’d put a camera underneath it and it’s a whole rig. But because it was kind of a bonus shot that I really wanted but wasn’t necessarily budgeted for, we did it kind of the analog way, which is, we put a GoPro camera in the bottom of a practical toilet that looked up at him. Then we pulled the camera out — we didn’t have a monitor feed like we normally would. We had to do it once, take it out, play it back, do it again, take it out, play it back, and so forth. It was a little different, but I think it worked out really well.

This cast is so fun — they’re among my favorite group of people I’ve ever worked with. They’re so great and so funny and they just bring their own humor and their own pitches and they’re so hands-on that it makes it really easy for someone like me. I had a blast.

The Mick airs Tuesdays at 8:30 p.m. ET on Fox.

—As told to Ariana Bacle

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