Man Hosts His Own Late-Night Talk Show On NYC Subway



The New York City subway isn’t usually a place that inspires conversation (beyond grumbling or muttering, that is).

But that hasn’t stopped one aspiring entertainer from using it as the location for his own talk show.

Dean Dimitruk is the host of “Derailed,” a YouTube talk show that he films once a month on the city’s L Train.

He sits in one of the regular seats, but behind a fake desk made of foam. He also has two coffee cups, but instead of a full band, his friend, Jeremy Christian plays bongos and doubles as announcer.

The guests? It could be anyone who just happens to be waiting for the train. They enter through a blue curtain set up in front of the subway door.

The show is more low-tech than Jimmy Fallon’s or Stephen Colbert’s and has some technical issues their shows never face.

“When there is noise, when there is bumping, that’s part of the show,” Dimitruk told WPIX TV. “You know that you are filming on the subway. That’s part of the charm of the whole thing.” 


Dean Dimitruk (right) hosts “Derailed,” a late night talk show filmed on a New York City subway train. Jeremy Christian (left) plays bongos and is the show’s announcer.

Dimitruk, 27, knows the ins and outs of running a talk show thanks to his day job as a producer/correspondent on “The Dr. Oz Show.” But “Derailed” gives him co-creator Danielle Dweck a chance to make a late-night show that doesn’t just focus on celebrities.

“We kept saying that everyday people can be just as interesting and it would be really fun to ambush them with a talk show,” he told

Reactions from fellow subway passengers have ranged from enthusiasm to indifference.

“People who ride the subway are immune to weird things happening around them,” he explained to the website.

Dimitruk and crew have filmed about six episodes so far, including the sample episode below. He dreams of expanding it beyond New York and even ― God forbid! ― doing a show that is actually above ground.


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