Dutch game show asks if woman is fat or pregnant


One of the primary unspoken rules is that you should never ask a woman if she’s pregnant. But this weekend, the new Dutch TV game show Neem Je Zwemspullen Mee (Bring Your Bathing Suit) took an ax to that norm: The show’s first episode aired Sunday with a segment in which male panelists had to guess whether a woman was pregnant or overweight.

The segment immediately caused controversy online, especially on Twitter. One user wrote that the Netherlands “reached a new low yesterday night.” Another tweeter wrote, “I f—ing can’t,” while others were doubly outraged because the show aired on NPO 3, a Dutch public broadcasting channel. One user included the hashtag #vanmijnbelastingcenten, which translates to #MyTaxDollars.

This isn’t the show’s first controversial segment. Last year’s pilot contained a sequence where contestants had to guess if a man was Japanese or Chinese.

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See tweets about the show below.

Translation: “New program on NPO (Channel 3). Four men must guess if this woman is fat or pregnant. Funny. Real funny.”

Translation: “There is now a program NPO3 where men have to guess whether a woman is pregnant or fat #MyTaxDollars.”

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