Chrissy Teigen Struggles to Squeeze Chest into Jumpsuit


A jumpsuit can be a fashion-forward woman’s best friend. Whether you prefer yours billowy and bohemian or super0tight and ready for a night on the town, there’s just no denying the appeal of this one-and-done complete ensemble.

But as we all know, sometimes even the most beloved, easy-breezy pieces in your wardrobe can betray you unannounced. A fact of life Chrissy Teigen discovered while trying to squeeze herself into a jumpsuit that just was not built for her particular proportions.

Teigen is no stranger to a wardrobe malfunction or two. After all, this is a woman who strolled down the red carpet in a daring dress with slits that went up to her ribcage, accidentally flashing her “hooha,” as she put it, to the horde of waiting photographers. But in her typical fashion, she had no time for those on social media attempting to shame her; as the swimsuit model and cookbook author has made clear time and time again, she truly couldn’t care less, and her latest wardrobe wrestling match was no exception.

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In a video she posted to her Snapchat on Tuesday night, Teigen can be seen stooped over with her lower half zipped snugly into the bottoms of a black form-fitting jumpsuit, while her upper half fully resists any attempt to close the zipper. While this appears to be an insurmountable battle with physics, Chrissy and her team remained upbeat, cheering her on from the sidelines with inspirational phrases like  “you’re almost there” and “you got this.”

It’s a good reminder, as you plan to start squeezing back into your summer clothes after your winter hibernation, that it might not be a bad idea to do so while surrounded by your own personal support system.

Have you ever struggled with a jumpsuit like Chrissy? Do you have any tips for squeezing into too small clothing? Sound off below!

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