7 Must-Pack Items to Bring to Coachella 2017


Are you ready? If you’re finishing up your Coachella packing, or planning on heading to another music festival in the next few months, there are a few things you have to bring to thrive through the heat and exhaustion.

Us Weekly has you covered with everything from hydration to the ultimate Instagram post. Scroll down to see seven products that are essential in your Coachella suitcase.

Harmless Harvest Coconut Water

No better way to stay hydrated in the Indio, California sun than with a refreshing (and delicious) beverage. ($5 for 16 oz, Fresh Direct)

SALT. Sunglasses

Protect your eyes from the harsh sun, and hide the inevitable bags under your eyes, with these trendy frames. (Starting at $400, Salt Optics)

Kind Bars

A healthy grab and go snack, like a Raspberry Cashew Chia bar, is a must to last through the long days so you can stay up to listen to Lady Gaga’s set. These bars are full of nuts, fruits, and whole grains and a perfect way to fuel you through the late night concerts. ($14 for 12, Amazon)

Polaroid Snap Touch Camera

Surviving Coachella won’t matter if you can’t document it and share your photos with the world with some flair. This camera will allow you to instantly print photos so you can creatively share them with your followers (and take them home too!). ($180, Amazon)

Coobie Bra

These seamless bras are comfy — but most importantly at a festival, they’re colorful and fun. (Starting at $20, Shop Coobie


If you’re wearing any new shoes, better watch out for blisters. Make sure to spray this on your feet for an invisible barrier that will protect your soles all day long. ($15, PreHeels)

Suck It Up Drink Bottle

Stay hydrated with this adorable water bottle from Cotton On. ($13, Cotton On)

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