Roberts ‘can’t explain’ Dodgers’ downswing


Los Angeles Times | Sep 10

The Dodgers have been telling everyone who will listen that this slump is just a bump, a speed bump on the way to the inevitable postseason run.

For all their futility, the Dodgers lead the National League West by 10 games, with 20 to play. They keep telling their fans not to worry, and yet their manager said he was scoreboard watching on Saturday.

The Dodgers lost their ninth consecutive game, this one 6-5 to the Colorado Rockies. But the second-place Arizona Diamondbacks lost too, in Phoenix, when they gave up six runs in the ninth inning to the San Diego Padres.

“I saw it,” Dodgers manager Dave Roberts said. “I saw the whole inning.”

Alex Wood, the losing pitcher, said the Dodgers have talked enough about tuning up for October.

“It’s time to turn it around,” Wood said. “I think everybody is a little bit stuck in between right now, keeping things in the big picture and thinking about what we need to do to be ready for the playoffs. … Now, it’s time to bear down and hopefully to turn this thing around and get some momentum going into October.”

The UCLA and USC football teams each have won two games since the Dodgers last won a game. The Dodgers have lost 14 of 15 games. The nine-game losing streak is their longest in 25 years, their nine-game home losing streak their longest in 30 years.

How can a team that threatened to break the all-time win record now be making the wrong kind of history?

“That’s a good question,” Roberts said. “I can’t explain it. There’s a little bit that seeps in as far as negativity, where at some point you feel like there’s nothing you can do.”

The Dodgers might be able to win the division by running out the clock. For the second consecutive night, an Arizona loss meant the Dodgers could shave their magic number to win the division. That magic number is now 11.

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