Bloggers’ Bid For Free Meal At Irish Michelin-Starred Restaurant Comically Backfires



There was no such thing as a free lunch for these cheeky food bloggers.

Instead, they faced the wrath of a top Irish restaurant’s head chef after they brazenly asked for a meal on the house in exchange for “significant online exposure.”

Garrett Byrne, who runs the Michelin-starred Campagne in Kilkenny, shared this screen shot of their brash request to Twitter on Tuesday:

The bloggers, whose identity Byrne didn’t reveal, promised to post live updates on social media during their meal. They said they’d also include the business in a future vegan food guide and may even write a review.

But as Byrne’s ― which he sarcastically captioned “another day in paradise,” showed — he wasn’t willing to play ball.

He also revealed that it’s not the first time that the restaurant, where starters on its a la carte menu cost around $16 and main courses average around $38, had received such a bold request.

I don’t see why any business should put up with this rubbish,” Byrne told the Irish Independent. 

“They’re just blagging a free meal,” he added. “I can’t see any restaurant accepting it. Maybe there is one or two out there who possibly think it’s a good idea, but not us.”

Byrne’s appeared to be well received on Twitter:


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